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MAGIC Registration Opens Spring 2020

Email: magic.softball.dc@gmail.com

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2019 Mid-Atlantic Gay Invitational Classic

We look forward to seeing you all again next year for MAGIC 2020!

Thank you to everyone who joined us in 2019 and congratulations to the follow teams:

2020 MAGIC Spirit Award


Spirit Award Winner

Boy Butter Ballers

Women's Recreational Division

Women's Division Champs

Women's Rec Division 1st Place 

MD Take Two

Women's Rec Division Second Place

Women's Rec Division 2nd Place 

Knoxvillle Hott Mess

Women's Division Third Place

Women's Rec Division 3rd Place

Philadelphia 369 Sharks

Women's Competitive Division

Women's Division Champs

Women's Competitive Division 1st Place 

MD NJ Gems

Women's Division Second Place

Women's Competitive Division 2nd Place 

Durham Diva

Women's Division Third Place

Women's Competitive Division 3rd Place 

Knoxvillle Fuzion

D Division


Open D Division 1st Place 

New Orleans Southern Belles


Open D Division 2nd Place 

Philadelphia Chasers


Open D Division 3rd Place 

Norfolk Gunners

C Division

Open C Division Champs

Open C Division 1st Place 

Mid-Atlantic Thunder

Men's C Second Place

Open C Division 2nd Place 

DC Envy

Open C Division 3rd Place 


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