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Women's Division

DC Swag


Philadelphia 369 Sharks

DC Sharks

Lady Primetime Elite

DC Krazy Pitches

Durham Divas

Take Two

Knoxville Fuzion

Open D Division

Atlanta Wild D

Austin Octane

Carolina Thunder D

Philadelphia Chasers

DC Avengers

DC Big Blue

DC Boy Butter Ballers

DC Shockers

Envy - LOB

Ft. Lauderdale Silverhawks

Norfolk Gunners

Philadelphia UBar Union

Scruffy City Knoxville

Southern Belles

Norfolk Gunners Extreme

DC Mavericks

Open C Division

DC Guerreros

DC Envy

DC Rockets

District Dawgs

DMV Gridlock

DMV Legends

NYC Eagle


Georgia Menace

Mid-Atlantic Thunder

Philadelphia Love

Atlanta Pitch Plzzz

Atlanta Primetime Elite

Rated R

Philadelphia Triple Play

Washington Galaxy

National All-Starz

DMV Sudden Impact

Knoxville Cyclones

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