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Rules of Play

2019 MAGIC Tournament Rules

  1. All players must sign the team roster form before playing, and no later than the end of pool play. Any player found playing without having signed the player roster is subject to suspension and the team will forfeit the game. Any previous games are also subject to forfeiture.
  2. Bats must currently be approved by USA Softball for play. Umpires will check before each game. Use of an illegal bat will result in ejection from the game and confiscation of the bat until the end of the tournament. A second illegal bat violation by a team will result in a forfeit of the game. A third illegal bat violation by a team will result in removal from the tournament at the discretion of the Tournament Director.
  3. All teams must have uniforms with unique numbers clearly marked on the back.
  4. Prior to the start of each game, teams must submit their line-up with player names (including substitutes) and numbers to the opposing team and the umpire on the provided line-up cards.
  5. Teams may bat up to 12 batters. USA Softball rules will apply with fewer than 10 players.
  6. All games will be played with a modified 1-1 count with a courtesy foul.
  7. The USA Softball courtesy runner rule applies. Each team will be allowed one (1) courtesy runner per inning using any eligible player in the lineup, including substitutes.
  8. Both teams will keep a scorebook. The home team will be responsible for the score in the case of a dispute. At the completion of each inning, confirm the score with the umpire. At the completion of each game, report score to a Tournament Official.
  9. The mercy rule for all games is 20 runs after 3 innings, 15 runs after 4 innings, and 10 runs after 5 innings.
  10. Over-the-Fence Home Run Limit Per Game Per Team:  D Division - 0; C & Women's Divisions - 1. Any home run above the limit is an inning ending out. Limit applies regardless of fence distance.
  11. Round Robin games will have a 50 minute time limit. If an inning starts, it must be completed, but no new inning will start after 50 minutes. In round robin, a tie may occur.
  12. Home Team will be determined by coin toss during Round Robin games.
  13. Double-elimination seeding will be determined by win/loss record, combined with a blind draw.
  14. All double-elimination games will have a 55 minute time limit. If an inning starts, it must be completed, but no new inning will start after 55 minutes. However, a tie may not occur and the international tie-break rule will apply (the last batted out starting at second base with normal rules applied thereafter; note: there is no 1-pitch).
  15. The higher seeded team in all double-elimination games will be the home team, with the exception of the championship game, when the winner's bracket champion will be the home team. In the "if necessary" game, the home team will be determined by coin toss.
  16. Grace period:  Only to allow for completion of an on-going game or to move to a new field.
  17. Blood: No player can play with a bleeding wound. Umpires will make reasonable accommodations to tend to injuries.
  18. Any jewelry which presents a hazard of injury must be removed before play. Small stud earrings may be taped.
  19. Outside alcohol is not permitted at the fields. The Tournament has secured licenses and insurance to sell beer on Saturday and Sunday and any player, participant, or other guest must purchase alcohol from the Tournament. Outside alcohol is not covered under our permits/insurance and therefore is prohibited. Violators will be removed from the premises, and teams may be subject to removal from tournament play if in violation.
  20. Protests: Any protests must be made prior to games for 1st, 2nd or 3rd place. Monies will only be returned for protest questions won. During round robin games, the fee is $50 for the protest & $25 (cash only) for each question. During double-elimination games, the fee is $100 to protest & $25 for each question. A protest must be made by the team manager to the umpire before the end of the game. At the time a protest is made, the Tournament Director needs to be notified. A ruling on the protest will be made by a protest committee consisting of unbiased coaches and MAGIC committee members. Such rulings will be final (not subject to appeal).
  21. The Tournament Director reserves the right to re-seed and realign division classifications at the end of round robin play if a team is deemed to be in an inappropriate division when considering the ratings and skill set of the team. Tournament Director decisions are final.
  22. Tournament Director(s) will have final say on all disputes.

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